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November Issue

Dear Parents/ Guardians

Following Dame Clare Tickell reform guidelines to the revised Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS 2012) stating that “The new early years framework is an important element in our plans to ensure families in the foundation years are supported, to give children the best possible start in life, and to ensure that all children have the knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for their future progress through school and life”. In addition, Dame Tickell claims “that the reform will reduce paper work bureaucracy for professionals (us); focus attention on the areas most essential for children’s healthy development; support early intervention with children facing difficulties; and secure a stronger partnership with parents”. If you would like to assess the full article please use the link bellow.

As a response to that St Richards’s nursery is working towards continuous improvement in providing high standards of care to our children. For example, recently the management carried out our annual staff appraisals and due to our excellent staff retention and reliability we have been able to identify new jobs roles and specifications within our staff team (staff board in the hall – by the entrance). This is to ensure that we all work together sharing the best individual abilities in meeting our children needs.

On November the 10th I (Zeferina) went to the EQUAL-START: Improving the Outcomes for Children in Ealing Conference. It was a big event with a few hundred people who work in Early Years sector. The Head of Early Years CHARLES BERNARD opened the conference emphasising the importance of preparing children for future life. We as your children’s childcare provider can reassure you that we are focused and aimed at providing the best care for them. As the American president once said “Early Start Get Smart”. Marion Dawling an early year’s expert talked about the importance of parenting. We at St Richard’s work in partnership with parents to ensure that children are cared according to parent’s values, views, wishes and needs I was pleased to hear that we ticked all the points mentioned on the conference.

We are looking forward to have you at our children’s Christmas Carols and party; it promises some exceptional projecting voices which we all shall enjoy.


St.Richard’s Nursery has key person/ key children system in place; they will assist children in activities, meals and other needs. Nevertheless in order to meet individual needs staff are encouraged to work together as a team. If you don’t know who your child’s key person is, please ask Sylwia or other members of staff.

A weekly planing for activities (EYFS) promoting the three prime areas and four specific areas of learning and development are displayed daily and is always available for parents to view, located on the boards in the main entrance. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding activities please speak to your child’s key person or to Sylwia.

Our open door policy allows parents to walk in to drop and collect children. This aims to give a true picture of how we operate on a daily basis and to make parents/carers feel welcome. From time to time we will be formally inviting parents to join in activates including large scale art work, such as the mark making  seen on the pictures above.

We will be celebrating the Rights of the Child Day – Tuesday 20th November 2012
Universal Children’s Day was established by the United Nations in 1954 to encourage understanding between children and promote children’s welfare around the world. It is held on 20 November, the same day the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989. Countries around the world celebrate the day in different ways – in some countries children receive presents, in others they take part in events and activities or are allowed a holiday from school. A history of the day and why it was started can be found: more information available at:


Topics studied this term: Seasons, Animals and Opposites.

We also celebrated Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Outdoor play:

Visit to the local park, where both staff and children enjoyed themselves 🙂

Through interaction with children and adult intervention (giving the right conditions and with on-going supervision) children can explore new experiences such as the open fire and roasting marshmallows. This encourages children’s social interaction and allows them to become familiar with new words and new experiences.




Child’s personal property


Uniforms, coats, bags and personal items should be clearly labelled as the Nursery will not accept any responsibility for these items if lost or misplaced. Due to recent cases of toys being misplaced/lost St.Richard’s strongly advises parents/carers to leave any personal items at home or take them at the door as the child enters the setting.



Pick up and drop off

There is an Attendance book at the front door for parents to record Children’s times of attendance, please ensure that you do so when entering and leaving the setting. Please remember to sign the book as this is very important for children’s safety, in case of emergency evacuation etc.

Please could you ensure that drop off and pick up of children is at the stated time on the registration. If by any reason you drop your child off later in the morning ensure that you feed your child breakfast. Our breakfast time’s finishes before 9.00 am and everything is put away for hygiene reasons.

Health and safety notice:

 Push chairs/ car seats

We have limited places for parents to leave their children’s pushchairs and car seats, please can we ensure that they are left folded and place neatly along the corridor leaving the middle passage free and not obstructing the door- health and safety requirement.



If you have any children books, toys or other suitable equipment that you not longer need, St.Richard’s Nursery will gladly recycle them. We would also appreciate any multi-cultural books and toys that you may have.


                                                       Dates for your calendar


Professional photographer will be here on Tuesday the 27th of November

St Richards Nursery Christmas Party and Carols will take place on  Friday the 21th December and you all welcome to join us .

Children attending the nursery  on term time only basis, please ensure that they are not brought in on holiday time:

Autumn Term 2012 ends on Friday 21st December 2012

Spring Term 2013 starts on Monday 7th January 2013                                 


Please note:

The nursery will be closed from Tuesday 25th December 2012 and will re- open on Wednesday the 2nd January2013. Charges will still be made for the period of closure and the statutory bank holidays, as stated in the parent contract.


New Year Dates

Spring term: 7th January 2013 to Thursday the 28th March 2013

Half term: Monday 18th February 2013 to Friday 22 February 2013

Easter Holidays Friday the 29th March to Friday 12th April 2013



Many Thanks

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