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St. Richard’s Nursery


Sussex Crescent
United Kingdom
Company No. 06793174
Phone: 0208 864 3447

Openimg times: each weekday from 7.30am to 6.30pm all year round.

  • The nursery has worked closely with the Local Authority in ensuring that safeguarding follows best practice.
  • Child protection procedures are robust. Records relating to vulnerable children follow best practice.
  • There are robust procedures in place which provide a constant focus on child protection and the welfare of children in general.
  • All members of staff interviewed as part of this review have a comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities relating to safeguarding, and in particular to child protection.
  • First aid and medical procedures are very strong.
  • Risk assessments for both the nursery site and nursery visits are clear and robust. The nursery follows best practice in writing risk assessments for individual children where necessary.
  • The pupils spoken to all feel that they have someone in school in whom they can confide if worried or concerned. They are all happy to raise concerns with staff and their friends.
  • Children feel safe in the nursery. There are a number of reasons for children feeling safe, the overwhelming one being that they are one big family, we all know each other and the staff are welcoming and are there to talk to.

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We are approved by Ofsted. Click on the logo to get the latest inspection report

Our nursery is a member of Pre-School Learning Alliance

We are located in Ealing

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